Our Mission

To be an organization that implements genuine care, respect and courtesy for teens, parents, and each other.

To be the premier resource of youth leadership development, while meeting the needs of the children, parents, schools and communities we serve.

To enhance and enrich the lives of young people as they become young adults while working towards the common goal of creating a better community.

More Than Just A Village Academy, Inc. (“MT JAVA”) provides Youth Voice & Empowerment through three pillars: Civic Responsibility, Academic Achievement, and Personal Accountability (C.A.P.). Our mission is to foster the C.A.P. pillars and produce the following outcomes for at-risk students:

  • Increasing Performance and Graduation Rates
  • Understanding the importance and value of Community Responsibilities
  • Overcoming societal stereotypes, personal limitations, parental absence, and lowered expectations
  • Building strong leadership skills
  • Fostering their faith
  • Developing partnerships with existing schools, community leaders, and businesses
  • Creating new evidence-based programs through a comprehensive, community-based network of Village-supported services and stakeholders